Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

We took a little day trip for Memorial Day. We visited Palouse Falls, and decided to stop by Washtucna to visit the grave site of Jared Zane's Grandparents. It was neat to see all of the flags flying. June kept asking about the gravestones, and what they were. Now she keeps asking me if I am alive. I think she is trying to figure out what it means to "not be alive anymore". 

Delmer enjoys walking through graveyards. We used to walk by one regularly in Vancouver, and he would always ask if we could go through it. He wanted me to read him all of the names. Looking at the different names, and thinking about the lives once lived brings a peaceful feeling. I wonder if he feels it.

I just love this picture from Memorial Day 4 years back. Time flies!

Palouse Falls :)

I love waterfalls! 

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