Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gearhart Summer 2014

We went to Gearhart, Or last week, and came back home with a baby. Here our some pictures of our trip before little Atticus arrived. :) 

 I just love magical paths to the beach. There is always so much suspense and excitement that lead up to that moment of getting that first glimpse of the ocean.
 The water was collllld, but the kids did not care and ran right into the salty sea. I think they all ended up soaked from head to toe in freezingness before we could even put on swimsuits!.

 Misty morning walks

 Everyone loves Papa!
 We felt so lucky to encounter these two! We thought for sure they would run from us, but instead they came closer to get a peek! Aaah

OH June, I love your smiles and your crazy, sandy beach hair.
When these 3 were little ones I knew that someday they would be a great team. They had so much fun together and I loved watching them play.
We are so grateful for the memories we make at the beach house each year. It is such a fun tradition!

I will post soon about Atticus' welcome to the world


Emily Bliss Beal said...

Yay!!!! I love your photos!!! Cute Juney!!!

Bill Bliss said...

It is a great tradition. Keep it up!

blissability said...

Delmer looks like he is just the coolest kid around. Nonchalant in his awesomeness. And June is so lovely I want to kiss her face all over!! sadkfja!

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful pictures!! Congratulations on baby no.3 :D